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Rat Line

Pet Rat Breeds


Rat Appearance

Agouti - This is your classic wild looking rat with a blend of brown, rust, and black hairs.

BEW - Black-Eyed White.

Berkshire - A solid color rat with white legs and belly.

Capped - White with an overlay of a different color.

Dalmatian - Like the dog! White with different size spots.

Dumbo - Named after the elephant. This rat has ears low on its head and looks like a clown.

Hairless - Nude, no hair. Often they are born with fur, but later lose it or have peach fuzz patches. They are particularly sensitive to cold.

Himalayan - Like the cat! Creamy white or ivory with darker brown on nose, rump and legs. Usually has pink or ruby eyes.

Hooded - A common lab rat color pattern. White with a different-colored hood and back stripe.

Husky - The hair is like the Husky dog.

Irish - Similar to Berkshire, but with just a triangle of white on the chest.

Odd-Eye - A rat with one pink or ruby eye and one black one.

PEW - Pink-Eyed White. An albino-type rat.

Rattus norvegicus

The Norway rat or brown rat. The majority of pet rats are of this species.

Rattus rattus

The roof rat or black rat. Rattus norvegicus' smaller, more agile cousin.

Rex - A rat with curly fur and whiskers!

Satin - Having softer fur than most rats. Unstandardized.

Self - Any solid color with no other markings.

Siamese - Also like the cat! Blue-Point Siamese is a light blue with darker slate blue patches on nose, rump and legs. Seal-Point is cream or beige with darker brown nose, rump and legs. Both can have either pink or ruby eyes.

Silvered - Any solid color with an even mixture of silver or white hairs throughout the fur.

Tailless - Again, obvious. Difficult to breed for. Serious birth defects can result from the tailless gene. Also, since the tail helps with temperature regulation, they are much more susceptible to heatstroke.

Variegated - Usually means a hooded rat with splotces of color on its sides. Can mean any spotted pattern, including Dalmatian.

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