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Why Rats Have Short Lives

One day, some angels went to God, and asked him if they might spend some time on Earth, to learn, and perhaps to teach. He answered that some of the people might be frightened of them; that "His" children's idea of beauty, might not be of His own.

The angels replied that maybe those who could look past the differences deserved the blessings that the angels could offer them.

But God was still concerned. The angels needed Heaven's air to breathe; they would suffocate down on Earth.

The angels promised to hold their breath as long as possible, and would then return when they could not hold it any longer.

God agreed and sent down the angels.

Many people were frightened of these creatures, despised them, and tried to kill them in great numbers.

However, the few who recognized the true angelic properties in these creatures, took them in, sheltered them, provided them food, and gave them love.

In return, they received more joy and laughter, than they could possibly imagine.

But alas, soon the angels could hold their breath no more. After just a short time on Earth, they had to leave, and return to Heaven. Yet they were sure to tell the next group of angels, exactly who to seek out, when they descended on down to Earth.

- Author Unknown

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